Corporate Counseling and Transactions

We routinely provide business clients with assessments of risk in connection with contemplated courses of action, including corporate actions and the implementation of particular business strategies.

In this capacity, ABV might perform a “legal audit” for an institutional client, to assess compliance procedures or adherence to corporate formalities, or to minimize the possibility of future or further legal exposure. We might also be asked to advise decision makers concerning the legal implications, including the relative cost/benefit, of particular marketing or sales strategies. ABV also counsels clients in crisis situations, work which frequently involves advising clients on how to balance the often competing needs of public relations and litigation strategy.

ABV represents clients in a range of transactional matters, providing advice, representation in negotiations, and the preparation of transaction documents as required by the client. We provide transactional representation in matters of corporate governance, employment and executive compensation, media and entertainment, licensing, intellectual property, and franchising, all areas where our attorneys have gained special expertise as a result of our litigation practice. We believe that, because we are a litigation-oriented firm, we are particularly sensitive both to the potential implications of transactions and corporate decision-making as well as to our clients’ desire to “get the deal done.”